• 1970
Music From the Body album cover

EMI Harvest SHSP 4008 (12", 33.3rpm, stereo LP) (p)1970

Issued under different numbers in several other countries.

Reissued by EMI - CDP 7 92548 2 (CD) (p)1989.

Reissued by Restless Retro, USA, 7 72395 2 (CD) (p) 1990.

Comprising some of their music for the cinema feature film "The Body", songs and instrumentals written and recorded separately by Waters and Geesin from January to March 1970. Several pieces remade, new pieces added and the album produced and mixed jointly during August and September 1970. The artists are joined by members of Pink Floyd on Side 2 #10.

Recorded at Ron Geesin studio, 208 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 and at Island Studios, London W10. Mixed at Island Studios.

Side 1 (mx. no. SHSP 4008 A-1)

1. Our Song (Waters-Geesin)
2. Sea Shell And Stone (Waters)
3. Red Stuff Writhe (Geesin)
4. A Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life (Geesin)
5. Lick Your Partners (Geesin)
6. Bridge Passage For Three Plastic Teeth (Geesin)
7. Chain Of Life (Waters)
8. The Womb Bit (Waters-Geesin)
9. Embryo Thought (Geesin)
10. March Past Of The Embryos (Geesin)
11. More Than Seven Dwarfs In Penis-Land (Geesin)
12. Dance Of The Red Corpuscles (Geesin)

Side 2 (mx. no. SHSP 4008 B-1)

1. Body Transport (Waters-Geesin)
2. Hand Dance - Full Evening Dress (Geesin)
3. Breathe (Waters)
4. Old Folks Ascension (Geesin)
5. Bed-Time-Dream-Clime (Geesin)
6. Piddle In Perspex (Geesin)
7. Embryonic Womb-Walk (Geesin)
9. Sea Shell And Soft Stone (Waters, Geesin)
10. Give Birth To A Smile (Waters)


* The original issue has 'picture' labels specially commissioned by the artists. *

Music from the Body record labelMusic from the Body record label


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