• 1967
A Raise of Eyebrows album cover

Transatlantic (S)TRA 161 (12", 33.3rpm, stereo LP) (p)1967

Reissued as part of 'A Raise Of Eyebrows/ As He Stands' by See For Miles Records. SEECD 433 (CD) (p)1995
Reissued as CD mini-album by Strange Days, Japan. POCE 1139 (CD) (p)2007
Reissued on 180gm vinyl by Earmark Records, Italy. EAR 42085 (p)2008

Recorded in the basement flat of 34 Elgin Cres., London W11. Most of 1966

All tracks composed, performed and recorded by Ron Geesin (voice, hca, pno, harmonium, bjos, gtrs, percussion, sound fx & tape manipulation)

Side 1 (mx. no. STRA 161 A1)

1. A Raise Of Eyebrows
2. Freedom For Four Voices And Me
3. Psychedelia
4. Positives
5. It's All Very New, You Know
6. A Female
7. Certainly Random

Side 2 (mx. no. STRA 161S B1)

1. The Eye That Nearly Saw
2. Two Fifteen String Guitars For Nice People
3. From An Electric Train
4. A World Of Too Much Sound
5. Another Female!
6. We're All Going To Liverpool
7. Ha! Ha! But Reasonable

This was Transatlantic Records' first stereo release.

'Certainly Random' is also on:
1) "LISTEN HERE (A TRANSATLANTIC SAMPLER)" Transatlantic Records TRA SAM2 (Side 2 #5) (12", 33.3rpm, LP);
2) "Hystery" CD, #26

'A Raise Of Eyebrows' is also on "Hystery" CD, #27


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