• 1973
As He Stands album cover

Ron Geesin Records RON28 (12", 33.3rpm, stereo LP) (p)1973

Reissued as part of A RAISE OF EYEBROWS/ AS HE STANDS by See For Miles Records SEECD 433 (CD) (p)1995

Ron Geesin studio at 208 Ladbroke Grove, London W10, and Heathfield, E. Sussex. 1970-2

Ron Geesin (voice, wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments, sound fx) composed, performed (except where shown) and recorded.

1 solo piano line played by Jeremy Dale Roberts.

2 Geoffrey Mitchell (counter-tenor) and chamber ensemble.(2 cellos & bassoon)

Side 1 (mx. no. RON28 A1)

1. Roll 'em Bowl 'em
2. Duet For Two And Street Market
3. On-Through-Out-Up 1
4. Waiting For Life
5. The Middle Of Whose Night 2
6. Wrap A Keyboard Round A Plant
7. Twist And Knit For Two Guitars
8. Up Above My Heart

Side 2 (mx. no. RON28 B1)

1. A Cymbal And Much Electronics
2. To Roger Waters Wherever You Are
3. Mr. Peugeot's Trot
4. Upon Composition
5. Concrete Line Up
6. Rise Up Sebastian!
7. Looming View
8. Can't You Stop That Thing?

'To Roger Waters Wherever You Are' is also on:

1) LAND OF MIST (CD), #12

2) A SAUCERFUL OF PINK Cherry Red Records CD BRED 120 (2 CD), Disc 2 #2 (p)1995

'Upon Composition' is also on HYSTERY (CD), #18.

'Can't You Stop That Thing?' is also on HYSTERY (CD), #19.


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