• 1975
Electrosound Vol. 2 album cover
Adhesive label only above

KPM Music Ltd. KPM 1154 (12", 33.3rpm, stereo LP) (p)1975

Originally made for the film, TV and radio industries (not for sale to the public). Sold to the public by Ron Geesin under licence.

Recorded at Ron Geesin studio, Heathfield, E. Sussex. 1974-5

Ron Geesin (electronics and tape manipulation), composed and recorded.

Side 1 (mx. no. KPM 1154 A-1U)

1. Frenzy
2. Epidemic
3. Distant Images
4. Mini Molicules (sic)
5. Wilderness
6. Laughing Robot
7. Astral Traveller
8. Carousel
9. Land Of Mists
10. Crystal-Clear
11. Ice Cap

Side 2 (mx. no. KPM 1154 B-2U)

Electro Rhythm Nos. 1-32


'Land Of Mists' is also on LAND OF MIST (CD), #5.


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